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Barnes and Nobles
(Stephanie and Sunset)
Saturday - September 14th, 2013
1 PM - 4 PM


A memoir by Sonia Lising-Cahalang
This is the story of my journey through life. Abandoned as a baby, I was raised by my older siblings until I graduated from college. After years of abuse, I escaped my past by running off and marrying the father of my first son, Edison. When his father failed to petition us to the United States, I found a way to join him on my own. Upon arrival to the U S, I discovered he had been living with another woman. This prompted our divorce. Not long after, I fell in love with the man of my dreams and the true love of my life. Together we would create one of the greatest joys of my life, my second son, Robbie. During our marriage, my husband received a substantial family inheritance. 

Unfortunately, my privileged life with him ended after fifteen years due to his addiction to alcohol. Though we divorced, we remained close. Sadly, a few years later he died of a heart attack. However, nothing could com-pare to the unexpected turn my life was about to take; I lost my son, Robbie in a car accident. It was his life, and the profound love he shared with everyone, that motivated me to complete this book. This is our story.
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